Škofja Loka engagment: Anja + Urban

She is my sister. He is my future brother-in-law. I can still recall those moments when we went on a family ski trip and I shared a room with Anja. One evening I noticed that something had changed. She had fallen in love… with Urban. And that was more than eleven years ago!

When they went on a trip to Paris for their 10th anniversary last year we somehow all expected that they were gona come back home engaged. They didn’t. But a year later they decided to visit the Philippines and there it happened. Not before Urban got an approval from my dad of course. And if you think that is romantic then you should ask them to tell you the story how a proposal looked like. It is tear dropping! They are getting married on 15th of September and I can prudly tell you that I will have the honor to be Anja’s best man.

And since I am not going to be able to shoot their wedding we decided to make an engagment shoot together. We did it in Škofja Loka, at the hills behind Škofja Loka’s castle. It was magic and I enjoyed every single shot. I hope they did too!

www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_003www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-09_2012_014www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_001www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_002www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_004www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_005www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_006www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_007www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-09_2012_015www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_008www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-09_2012_017www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-08_2012_009 www.aljazhafner.com_Zaroka_Skofja_Loka_Anja+Urban-09_2012_016

– Aljaž

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