Castle KostelKocevje engagement session ı Klara & Anzeno bear encounter

Kocevje engagement session ı Klara & Anze

Having an opportunity to meet the couple before the wedding and to connect is really cool. It gives the couple the chance to meet their photographer and decide if they would go along each other on the wedding day. It goes the other way around as well. But all this getting to know each other thing usually goes through coffee or online meetings. So when the couple decides that want’s to have a few portraits done before the wedding I never have second thoughts about it. K&A decided to have a Kocevje engagement session since that is where they come from. And we really had a great time together. One of our destinations was Castle Kostel which unfortunately was closed but even the exterior looks nice. We luckily did’t see any bear wandering around or crossing our path. I have no idea how I would react.

Kocevje engagement session

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