Hi! Thanks for stopping by and looking into my work. As a professional wedding photographer, I truly have a dream job. I may not be a magic maker, but I have a privilege to capture the magic that happens every time soul mates start their forever after.

Planning a wedding can feel like arranging a grand journey. You’ve already chosen your lifetime co-traveller, probably found the destination, and maybe set the date. But just like any journey, your wedding won’t be perfect without amazing photos that make all the memories everlasting (and your friends a little bit jealous).

This similarity with arranging a journey is another reason why I like photographing weddings so much. I just love travelling, meeting new people, seeing new places. No matter where you plan to get married, in my home country Slovenia or abroad, we will find picturesque surroundings.

Like every story, your wedding photo story has to start somewhere. I’d suggest a coffee. With a nice conversation sprinkled on top.
I am Aljaz Hafner, destination wedding photographer, but this is not really about me.



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Maira & Josh

"Aljaz’s professionalism, creativity and genuine love for his craft are second to none. His ability to tell a story through his pictures, as well as his capacity to beautifully capture a moment from so many different viewpoints, allows my wife and me to relive our wedding day just by looking at our pictures. We cannot give a higher recommendation- Aljaz is the complete package."
Michigan, USA

Anja & Igor

"We cannot praise Aljaz Hafner enough – he is utterly professional and yet so friendly & relaxed. He also had perfect timing and a wonderful eye for a good shot. We loved the tips he gave us to achieve the best pose and the pictures he took captured the feel of the day and Venice atmosphere completely - we couldn’t be happier! Everyone who has seen them have said how fantastic they are. I would have no hesitation what so ever in recommending him. Thank you very much!!!"
Venice, Italy

Anja & Klemen

"Aljaž was with us for the whole wedding day, but he was so discreet that we barely noticed him. That is a good thing, because we are kind of camera shy. Since we trusted him completely, we were able to relax and focus on each other and our guests. The photos turned out perfectly: sincere, natural and spontaneous. With them, all unforgettable moments of the day are now knitted in one wonderful story."
Brdo, Slovenia

Maja & Peter

"When organizing a wedding choosing the right photographer was very important for us. After a long exploration of the web and after recommendations of some friends we found Aljaž. We reviewed his portfolio and immediately decided he was the right one. After we realized he was working alone we were a bit skeptical at first since we thought we needed two photographers. But Aljaž ensured us that there is no need and we trusted him. The wedding day had passed by with lightning speed and he was totally unobtrusive and great to work with so we rightly trusted him. He captured the entire event and left us with beautiful memories of our special day. We were more than satisfied with our photos and our friends were impressed."
Galerija Repanšek, Slovenia

Sara & Andrej

"We got a recommendation for Aljaž from his college photographer and as soon as we saw his photos we were determined that we’ll have him as our wedding photographer. Even before we met him personally we were impressed with softness, spontaneity and sincerity of his work. And when we met him in person, the passion from his photographs shed between us. We liked his gentleness, friendliness and unobtrusiveness. He strives for the magic to happen between the shoot and he does not impose with some strange poses. He calmly and gently looks for spontaneous moments, so quietly that no one of our guests even noticed his presence for a while and our portrait shoot was a gentle flow of love. We were completely subdued and leave. Even my husband who doesn’t like to be photographed was relaxed and has enjoyed. Aljaž did not only create beautiful photographs, which we will always admire with a smile, but we also got to know a unique, warm and pleasant person that we would love to meet for a coffee again."
Domžale, Slovenia

Sara & Miha

"Before we booked Aljaz we knew practically nothing about him. We looked through his website and that was enough - photos speak for themselves. Before the wedding we met at coffee where he surprised us with his positive energy. We imideatly felt relaxed around him. Everything related to photographs went through so relaxed and effortlessly that even now we hardly believe it. Whereas we didn’t want to leave our guests by themselves for to long, we shot our portraits during their movement from one location to another, each time for 10-15 minutes and the results are so great!"
Castle Žovnek, Slovenia

Darija & Rok

"… Aljaž covered everything that was that day; important events, a range of emotions, family, friends. And as for the both ceremonies the rain was pouring down, we were worried about how the photos would turn out. Concern was really superfluous, since under such conditions you really get to know the quality of the photographer. Photos from that day are beautiful, sensual and very professional. Both of us were touched when we got them and they received countless accolades. We are thankful to Aljaž for all his efforts and you can feel that he is really doing it with his heart."
Mozirski gaj, Slovenia