On your wedding day it’s all about you. No matter how bright the sunlight is, it’s the bride that shines the most that day. Sorry, future groom, you know it’s true. The wedding is your story to enjoy, and mine to capture it, do it justice and make it eternal. When we click, magic happens. See, taking photos is always a two way street. Only when you trust me and you feel comfortable with me around, I can fully capture your emotions with my camera. I want our couple’s photo shooting after the ceremony to feel like a safe haven, where you will have few moments just for yourselves, away from all the noise.
Professionally I’ve photographed dozens of weddings and there were no two alike. You, bride and groom, make it unique with your emotions, moments, and quirks. My approach to put all this in photos is HHM. Humble, honest, motivated. Hopefully, you won’t even notice me for most of the time. The less attention you have to give me, more emotive, pure and real photos will become.